All of our juice is compatible with all our devices, but never put nicotine salts in a sub-ohm or high power device.

All of our juice is rated by the milligram per milliliter, or mg/ml. If you’re used to vaping a juice who’s nicotine level is a percent %, it’s easy to compare.

3% or .3% is equivalent to 3mg/ml, and we recommend a juice in the 24-30 mg/ml range.

12% or 1.2% is 12 mg/ml, if this is you, you may want to try the 45-50 mg/ml, although if you like the “act of smoking” you may prefer a juice in the 30-35 mg/ml range so that you can vape more frequently.

By putting the stronger juice in a smaller, less powerful vape, you get plenty of nicotine without the big clouds and heavy mods.


24-30mg juice is the smoothest juice we carry. It has the best flavor and taste. Best for light to moderate smokers or if you’re currently vaping a 3mg or .3%. It’s also best for people who want to take their time vaping and enjoy a few puffs.

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JuiceCat 35

30-35mg juice is the most popular juice we carry. It’s perfect for moderate smokers or if you’re currently vaping a 6mg or .6%. It gives a quick nicotine rush with a smoother hit than the higher nicotine levels.

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45-50mg is the highest nicotine level we carry. Some caution required, this juice will quickly give you a nicotine buzz. For heavy smokers or if you’re currently vaping a 12mg or 1.2% or above. Perfect for people who want all their nicotine in only a few short hits.

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