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A reimagined and remodeled original – The EVOD style pen has been part of vaping since the beginning and is a familiar upgrade for many people. Reinvented with a new coil style specifically for Nicotine Salts, if you’re after the truest form of a pen style device, you’ll love the Top EVOD! Looking for Coils? Find them Here

Flavor 7/10


Battery 8/10


Tank Size 8/10


Ease of Use 7/10


Medium Airflow



The EVOD is finally getting a much-needed makeover with Kanger’s new Red TOP EVOD starter kit. The tank is now made of glass and can be filled from the top instead of the standard bottom-filled metal barrel. The tank base of the Red TOP EVOD is also bigger than the old version, which means bigger air holes too. The old EVOD atomizer has been replaced with Kanger’s modern VOCC-T coil which has 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks. Like its predecessor, the Red TOP EVOD features a simple, one-button operation in a slim and sleek design that is perfect for smokers, casual vapers, and users who are always on the go.

Many vapers started with the EVOD as an introduction to open systems. Unlike cig-alikes, the EVOD offered a longer lasting battery, refillable tank, and replaceable atomizer. Best of all, it was very easy to use and came at an affordable price.

EVOD Battery
The Red Kanger TOP EVOD starter kit includes a re-engineered EVOD battery with 650mAh capacity and 3.7V output rating. The diameter of the barrel is only 14mm, making the Red TOP EVOD one of the slimmest eGo-style batteries on the market today. It’s big enough not to slip out of your hand when you’re taking a puff, and compact enough to easily fit into your pocket.

The EVOD battery is protected from overcharge, low resistance, and short circuit. It also has a LED indicator that warns you when the battery is low in power. You only need to push one button to take a puff or turn the device on or off.

Like the old EVOD, the Red Kanger TOP EVOD battery is charged through the 510 connection on top. Because of this layout, you cannot charge and use the battery at the same time. You need to unscrew the tank from the battery to be able to connect the EVOD to the 510 charger that comes with the kit. The other end of this charging cable is then plugged into a USB power source. You can charge the EVOD from the USB port in your computer, or use a compatible adapter to charge from a wall outlet or car cigarette lighter

Note: Do not use any 510 USB charger other than the one included in the Red Kanger TOP EVOD starter kit.

The other half of the Kanger TOP EVOD starter kit is a 1.7ml tank that looks like a miniature version of Kanger’s highly popular TOPTANK with airflow control.

All of the metal parts of the Kanger TOPTANK EVOD are made of high-grade stainless steel for maximum resistance against corrosion.

The main tank is enclosed in Pyrex glass instead of PET to prevent cracks or leaks. Unlike plastic tanks, Pyrex tubes do not erode.

The all-glass tank also allows you to easily monitor juice consumption and schedule your next refill before it runs out.

Perhaps the most important upgrade of the Kanger TOP EVOD is that its tank can now be filled from the top. Refilling is one of the most annoying tasks when vaping. It can be time consuming to take the entire tank apart and screw all the components back together just to be able to add more juice. Before top-fill systems came along, vapers had to unscrew the tank from the battery and open the tank from the bottom. After filling the tank with e-liquid, you’d have to assemble everything back again and prime the freshly added juice before resuming vaping. The new design fixes all of these problems.

The Kanger TOPTANK EVOD allows you to fill the tank from the top without any hassle. Simply remove the cap, drip your juice into the refilling slot, and replace the cap.

The Kanger TOPTANK EVOD is also a bottom-filling tank. When changing coil heads, you might want to empty your tank and replace the liquid with a fresh batch – new coil, new juice! You can do this by filling the tank with e-liquid from the bottom before screwing the base back.

Gone are the old EVOD atomizers. The TOPTANK EVOD now uses Kanger’s VOCC-T which is an updated version of the VOCC heads designed to produce more vapor and improve flavor.

All Kanger VOCC atomizer heads are made with 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks. Whereas standard cotton is manufactured with bleach and other toxic chemicals, organic cotton is free from any impurities. This results in a cleaner, purer and tastier vapor from your tank.

The Kanger TOP EVOD is the most affordable starter kit from Kanger – clearly tailor made for smokers who are curious about open vaping systems.

Pairing a 650mAh single-operation battery with a 1.7ml top-fill tank in a classy 14mm profile, the Kanger TOP EVOD is the perfect way to introduce vaping to your family and friends. It’s also the ideal travel companion for a night out or long drive. All you need is a bottle of e-liquid and you’re good to go!

  • Compact form factor
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • 650mAh integrated EVOD battery
  • 3.7V output voltage
  • 4.2V DC output
  • Single-button operation
  • 10-second cut-off
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Low battery protection
  • 510 USB charging 5V/500mA
  • 1.7ml TOPTANK EVOD clearomizer
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • 1.5 ohm VOCC-T replaceable coil
  • Minimum resistance: 0.4Ω
  • 100% Japanese organic cotton
  • Top-fill system
  • O-ring sealed
  • Removable 510 plastic drip tip
  • 14mm diameter
  • Available in black, white, red
TOP EVOD Hardware Specifications - EVOD Battery:
  • Capacity: 650mAh
  • Output voltage: 3.7V
  • DC input: 5V
  • DC output: 4.2V/400mA
  • Minimum resistance: 0.4Ω
  • 510/eGo threaded
  • Diameter: 14mm
TOPTANK EVOD Clearomizer:
  • Tank material: stainless steel and Pyrex glass
  • Capacity: 1.7ml
  • Wick: pure organic cotton
  • Compatible with VOCC or VOCC-T atomizer heads
  • eGo threaded
  • Diameter: 14mm
Package Contents:
  • 650mAh EVOD battery
  • 1.7ml TOPTANK EVOD clearomizer
  • VOCC-T atomizer
  • plastic drip tip
  • 510 USB charger
  • user manual
  • authenticity code

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