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Smok Fit (Black)

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The Smok Fit is a small refillable vape similar in size and shape to a Juul, but with refillable pods. With refillable pods you’ll save money and unlock a ton of flavor options! This little device will keep you going all day, and save you money! Looking for replacement pods? Find them here

Flavor 8/10


Battery 7/10


Tank Size 9/10


Ease of Use 9/10


Medium Airflow


The Black Smok Fit is an all in one system aimed at providing a premiere combination of portability, ease of use, elegance, and a rich flavor ecosystem with a striking chassis and a 2ml powered plug and play Pod system. The Fit is constructed with high quality aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, making it durable.

The Black Smok Fit is capable of 10 to 16W of output and 3.3 to 4.2V of input voltage. The Black Smok Fit utilizes a draw activated firing mechanism that makes general use feel organic and natural, while the Fit’s Plug and Play Connection uses a proprietary magnetic connection. Each Replacement Fit Pod features a 2ml capacity for your favorite Salt Nic E-Liquid.

Powering the Fit’s voltage based output is a integrated rechargeable 250 mAh battery that can be charged through a USB cable for minimum downtime.

Entering the new generation of all in one systems and ultra portable kits with one of the first ceramic wicking materials utilized in their pod system, the Black Smok Fit Ultra Portable System brings one of the best flavor experiences in its respective market segment.

SMOK has long prided itself on being a progressive brand. The SMOK Fit Kit is an example of how this iconic vaping brand is constantly evolving to fit the needs of today’s vaper. This SMOK pod system embraces the current trend of vaping rigs that are easy to use and carry. With the SMOK Fit, you’ve got a device that will accompany you anywhere your busy life takes you. It eliminates the hassle of carrying a full sized mod and bottles of e-liquid. Filling the device is also much cleaner and quicker. Just drop in a SMOK pod and enjoy your vape.

There are always going to be situations that call for a more discreet vape. Your new SMOK pod vape can be dropped into a pocket without the risk of spills, and it can be taken out for a quick vape in almost any environment. Ladies will especially love this device because it is so elegant, both in appearance and in function. It’s also a great choice for those who are new to vaping. It has enough power to produce a satisfying vape without too many functions to overwhelm the user. If this is your first SMOK device, you’ll be sold on the merits of the brand after just one vape with the Fit.


Product Features:
  • All in One System
    • Draw Activated Firing
    • 10 to 16W Output
    • 3.3V to 4.2V Input Voltage
  • Fit Pod System
    • 2ml Capacity
  • Plug and Play Connection
    • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
      • Magnetic Connection
  • Voltage Based Output
  • 250 mAh Built In Battery
    • LED Light Indicator
    • USB Charge Port
  • 8 Second Cut-Off/Short Circuit Protection/Low Voltage Protection
Product Dimensions:
  • 107.5mm by 18.4mm by 8mm
Product Includes:
  • One Fit Ultra Portable System
  • Two Pods
  • One E-Liquid Injection Bottle
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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