Vapresso Nexus (Blue)

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The Vapresso Nexus is one of the only Nicotine Salt vapes on the market with an adjustable wattage! Along with its adjustable airflow, you can dial this thing in until its just how you like it. Cycle through the settings to find your perfect vape! Looking for Coils? Find them here

Flavor 9/10


Battery 8/10


Tank Size 8/10


Ease of Use 7/10


Adjustable Airflow



Vaporesso presents the Nexus All In One Ultra Portable Device, a draw activated device with 650mAh battery life, 2ml juice resevoir, and adjustable temperature control.

This device can be completely charged at a maximum of 1A via USB in just 40 minutes.

The 2.0 ml tank reservoir is filled separately from the metal sleeve that holds the NX Coil, allowing the device to be filled through a large filling slot without removing the coil. A metal sleeve with a knurled ring can be adjusted to change the airflow to the user’s preference. The same metal sleeve also connects to the 1 ohm NX coil head, which is capable of 7 to 12.5W of power output.

The Blue Vapresso Nexus has a physical on and off button which glows to indicate battery life and temperature control. The temperature and power output can be cycled the default high power, and medium and low power settings with three button presses.

The ergonomic multi-use top cap has a built in notch to unscrew the metal sleeve and coil from the device.

The Blue Vapresso Nexus also features a variety of safety measures such as lower power protection, low liquid detection, and an auto temperature control that keeps the device below 250 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal vapor delivery. The Omni Board Mini chip for this device features a host of safety measures such as auto temperature control, low liquid detection, and overcharge protection.

The Blue Vapresso Nexus is a great device with a simple and convenient user experience that is an great ultra portable device for all users.

Product Features:
  • Draw Activation
  • Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Micro USB Charged
    • Fully Charges in 40 Minutes
    • 1A Max Charging
  • 2 ml Tank Resevoir
    • Top Filled
    • Large Separate Refill Port
      • Allows Refilling Without Removing Coil
    • NX CCell Coil
      • 1 Ohm
      • 7 to 12.5 W
  • Adjustable Air Flow
    • Adjustable Through Knurled Ring
  • Physical On/Off Button
    • Glows to Indicate Battery Life
    • White
      • 100% to 70%
    • Yellow
      • 70% to 30%
    • Red
      • 30% to 0%
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
    • Long Press To Check Current Mode
      • Three Button Presses to Cycle Between:
        • High, 230 Degrees F
          • White Glow
          • 12.5 W Power Output
          • Default Setting
        • Medium, 210 Degrees F
          • Yellow Glow
          • 10.5 W Power Output
        • Low, 180 Degrees F
          • Red Glow
          • 9 W Power Output
  • Multi Purpose Top Cap
    • Built In Notch to Remove Coil Head
    • Ergonomic Mouth Piece
  • Omni Board Mini Safety Measures
    • Auto Temperature Control
    • Low Liquid Detection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Overtime Protection
    • Overcharge Protection
Product Includes:
  • One Vaporesso Nexus Device
  • Two NX CCell Coils
    • One Pre-Installed
  • One Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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